Reports and Photos from UK Release of The Captive (aka Armistice)


M & R Films released “Armistice” (starring Joseph Morgan and Matt Ryan) in the UK under the title of “The Captive” with distribution by 101 Films on August 25, 2014. Thanks to our awesome viewers, we received reports and photos about the progress of the film on store charts, which we’ll share with you below:

On release day we learned that “The Captive” showed at #27 and #21 on the ASDA charts:


As more viewers found “The Captive” during release, it climbed to #3 and #2 on the HMV charts:


We also hear reports that “The Captive” keeps running out of stock at Amazon UK:


But don’t worry, it’ll be back in stock at Amazon again soon! “The Captive” is still available in other UK stores at ASDA, BASE, HMV, The Hut and Zavvi.

Also available in outlets including iTunes.


Learn more about director Luke Massey through the audio interview with here by Dave Elliot and read the interview with here by Lisa-Marie Burrows.

Below are highlighted quotes from recent film reviews:

“A thought-provoking take on how war affects a man. The demons he faces keeping him captive for the monstrous things done. “

-Garry McConnachie of

“…filmed with a lot of thought and style.”

“A cracking indie film which holds your attention and beautifully explores a human’s battle with perseverance, determination and never wanting to quit.”


“…a truly rewarding experience”

“…if you like films that play with time and your mind, then Armistice (The Captive) may be worth your time. “

“Tight, suspenseful and with a class…”

-Phil Lunt of

“At times understated and at others intense…”

If you haven’t been able to get your hands on a copy of “The Captive” yet, then don’t miss your chance at winning at copy through one of the websites below:

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Armistice is already available in the United States, Canada, Germany and United Kingdom. You’ll find outlets for DVD
here and VOD here.

Australia’s release is September 17, 2014. More countries will be announced soon.

Fancy the music in the film? The soundtrack is also available to download at iTunes, Amazon (US), Amazon (UK) + (search Amazon for your country), and eMusic.